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History of the ETA 2892 movement and it's Clones

Omega-Caliber-1151 ETA 2892 replica

Putting an ETA movement into any watch ensures good service at reasonable cost. At least 95% of mechanical watches on the market in the price range between $1000 USD to $7.000 USD, are moved by some version or modification of ETA calibers. TAG Heuer, Omega, Panerai, Hamilton, IWC, Hublot, Longines, Eberhard, Corum, Nardin, GP, Baume & Mercier, Tissot .

The ETA 2892 automatic movement predates the Swatch Group that we know of today. ETA is a subsidiary of Eterna, a watch company in Switzerland and in 1961, it sought to make an exceptionally thin automatic movement. It was first named Eterna Matic 3000 Dato and Heinrich Stamm designed the movement’s gear system in 1950 which ensured its power would flow efficiently. He retired in 1969 and 10 years alter he was awarded the gold medal for his achievement by the Swiss Chronometry Association.

It is not common knowledge that quite a few of the Swiss best replica watch movements are assembled in China. And exported to North America, Asia, and even Europe. Here the brand name is more important than the “Swiss made” label. Such watches may consist of a Chinese case and a Chinese crystal. And a Taiwan-made dial and metal bracelet and Japanese hands. If the movement is to be considered Swiss, 51% of its value must be Swiss. And at least the last wheel must be added in Switzerland. Swiss watch brands without the “Swiss made” label are usually equipped with a Japanese movement. The “Swiss parts” label means that the movement is assembled in Asia. But using kits that consist at least partially of Swiss made components.


It was in 1963 when the pioneering watches that used this thin caliber was unveiled and it was then named Eterna-Matic 3000. The ball bearing winding rotor continues to be used by nearly every watch company and the caliber was first given the designation 1466, followed by 1504, this time it had a height of 3.6mm and a diameter of 29mm.

The movement was welcomed favorably and it was considered a milestone. It was very affordable and easily available for mass production. 

Another ETA automatic movement, 2824, had a sandwich construction so it was noticeably thicket (height of 4.6mm) and its base movement was modified into a self-winding movement.

The new movement’s gear train created a depression due to its arrangement and the dimensions were also altered so tat the gears are flat and fit well beneath the bridges. The minute hand is powered indirectly so save space. The automatic bridge uses this space and it fits nicely between the barrel bridge and the balance bridge. Three screws secure the rotor. 

The Eterna movements were widely used in the 60s and they run in 5 ball bearings. The ETA 2892-A2 which is the current form of this movement has 7 ball bearings with a diameter of 0.60mm. But the automatic winding mechanism of this new movement is less efficient compared to the 2824.

The IWC, as well as other companies using the ETA 2892 make their own rotors. There are improvements like an outer segment that has better efficiency and greater weight and it is in 21k gold. 

Between 1975 and 1983, production of the caliber 2892 totaled 342,123 units. After 1983, the 2892 was named 2892-A2.

Swiss-Made ETA 2892-A2 & Replicas

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Caliber 111/2 '' '
Diameter of 25.60 mm
Height of 3.60 mm
mechanical movement with automatic winding system
Date indication
Winding stem with 3 positions (winding, setting the fast time, setting the time)
Alternations / hour 28800
Lift angle of 51 °

Swiss-Made ETA 2892-A2 is an evolution of the ETA 2892 movement. It is a mechanical movement with automatic winding, ball-bearing rotor, hacking seconds, power reserve: ca. 42 hours. The ETA 2892-A2 is positioned as the upper-range automatic movement commonly found in "upscale" Swiss made replica watches, while the older and cheaper 2824-2 is found in lower-end watches. Together with the ETA 2824 and Valjoux 7750 (also known as ETA 7750 and TAG Heuer Calibre 16), the 2892 is one of three most common movements from ETA.

The said movement is quite inferior to the ETA 2892-A2 ebauche, but it is still popularly used in brands that are launching new offers.The ETA 2824-2 caliber is already used to power many modern watches. It is used in the Archimede Pilot T Titanium, which costs €375 and the Oris Rectangular Bob Dylan Limited Edition, which is priced three times more. The movement’s success is likely due to its affordability and reliability.

Omega Calibers that use ETA 2892-A2

However, the concept used on this watch is still a bit puzzling even if it is used in other brands aside from Tag Heuer. 

IWX might have felt the need to balance the watch’s busy dial, which prompted it to use the mentioned decorations above. But it seems like they have failed to balance everything out. The watch though still deserves to be considered if you are shopping. If you can get it at a right price, it will still be a good deal for you.

Caliber: 1108

Base Movement: ETA 2892-A2
Power Reserve: 42 Hours
Jewels: 23 Jewels
Description: Hours, Minutes, Seconds, Date

Caliber: 2500

Omega Caliber 2500 ETA 2892-A2 clone

Base Movement: ETA 2892-A2
Power Reserve: 44-48 Hours
Jewels: 27 Jewels
Description: Date - The movement comes in 4 Variants: 2500A, 2500B, 2500C and 2500D.

Caliber: 1109

Base Movement: ETA 2892-A2
Power Reserve: 42 Hours
Jewels: 23 Jewels
Description: Hour, Minute, Seconds, Date

Omega Caliber 1120 ETA 2892-A2 clone

Caliber: 1120

Base Movement: ETA 2892-A2
Power Reserve: 44 Hours
Jewels: 23 Jewels
Description: Date - Certified Chronometre with Nivarox 1 hairspring and Etachron adjustment.

Caliber: 1128

Base Movement: ETA 2892-A2
Power Reserve: 44 Hours
Jewels: 23 Jewels
Description: GMT

Caliber 1151 replica ETA 2892-A2

Caliber: 2403

Base Movement: Omega 2500 (ETA 2892-A2)
Power Reserve: 44-48 Hours
Jewels: 27 Jewels
Description: No Date, Highly Finished - The movement comes in 2 Variants: 2403A and 2403B.

Caliber: 2627

Base Movement: Omega 2500 (ETA 2892-A2)
Power Reserve: 44 Hours
Jewels: 29 Jewels
Description: Date, Power Reserve, Co-Axial Escapement

Caliber: 2628

Base Movement: Omega 2500 (ETA 2892-A2)
Power Reserve: 44-48 Hours
Jewels: 27 Jewels
Description: Date, GMT Hand, Co-Axial Escapement - The Movement comes in 2 Variants: 2628A and 2628B

Caliber: 3220

Base Movement: ETA 2892-A2, Dubois Depraz 2020
Power Reserve: 40 Hours
Jewels: 47 Jewels
Description: Chronograph

Caliber: 3601

Base Movement: ETA 2892-A2, Dubois Depraz 2029
Power Reserve: 40 Hours
Jewels: 39 Jewels
Description: Chronograph for Free Diving with 14 Minute Timer

Caliber: 3602

Base Movement: ETA 2892-A2, Dubois Depraz 2027
Power Reserve: 44 Hours
Jewels: 49 Jewels
Description: Chronograph with Regetta Timer

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